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It’s not wrong.

Some people are afraid to let go of the people you grew up with, perhaps some of them are your best friends. However I have learned the hard way that it’s okay to let go. A few years back I became depressed. Like, really depressed. I couldn’t talk to anyone and I was afraid to step outside into the real world. Now I did text or email people to let them know that I wasn’t dead.

I will write another post about the whole year this happened and what I’ve gained and lost from it.

When I started to feel better, I wrote to my friends apologizing for my lack of attention towards them, and then proceeded to give them an explanation as well. Some of them were very supportive, and forgave me. But the ones I thought would always be there for me, had apparently given up. I can totally understand that. But there was never any closure. A ‘goodbye’, or even a ‘this friendship is over’. It all just stopped. This was hard, because some of these persons held some of my most happy memories.

I’ve become a better person. I’m not the naive kid anymore. I have a realistic view on life. I used to feel, nothing would get better. I used to firmly believe that I would end up alone with fifty cats. But now I’m closer to my family, I know who’s my true friends, and I have a freaking boyfriend. Me! And he’s hawt, mind you.

Sometimes the hardest moments of your life will make you stronger and ready for what that stupid bitch, Life, has planned for you.


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