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The End…

I’m gonna log off, everything now. That means: WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr, Email, Messenger and Facebook. No more trying to be social for me today. Lol, who am I kidding? I only log on to these sites so that I can creep on people I don’t know. Or at least that’s what I am doing on Tumblr. FB is for hating on the ones I already know, Twitter is for stalking celebs, WordPress is for writing whatever the fuck I want and hope that someone is reading (and yet not) and I pretty much only check my email so that I can write to one of my friends from USA. He’s cool.

Before I say goodnight, I have to share something horrible. Earlier this evening (when normal people go to bed), I was on the phone with my boyfriend for our nightly goodnight-call, and I somehow deleted a whole page of a story I’ve spending hours writing. I know right? I had a heart attack right there. And my boyfriend was like: “Mie? Mie? Are you crying?! What’s wrong, what happened? MIIIIE?! Ok, I’m calling your mom.” Then I sorta pulled myself together and told him what happened. He was so sweet, going: Just put on that classic song you were listening to when you wrote it. It will come back to you. And I’m like: BITCH, PLEASE! IT WONT BE THE SAME. I MIGHT AS WELL DIE NOW. FUUUUUUUK. ‘Course then the hot son of a bitch had to write this: Fine, then I’ll just give your christmas present to your sister. Whatever.

Anyway, I found a way to get it back again, and since I wrote: “I was on the phone with my boyfriend for our nightly goodnight-call”, all I’ve been thinking was how fucking nice it is to have someone who calls you every night to say: Goodnight and I love you.

If you don’t understand anything that came after that, I don’t blame you; I was thinking of something else :).



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