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I said it before and I’ll say it again

I have no real aspirations of becoming a published author or of the likes of that. My passion is writing, and on some level it is the foundation of me. If I stopped writing, I completely believe that I would not feel the same way as I do now. Not as happy and down to earth. It keeps me sane, and it’s something that I can always find refugee in, and lose myself in. It’s not a hobby though either. I’m not sure how to explain how I feel with writing and how I would feel without it. It has always been, what I’ve been best at. I might not be perfect at wording a sentence, but I feel creative. I should probably point out that english is not my first language, and I was thought how to write properly (I’m talking about grammar here) in Danish. I do however prefer to write in english. It’s easier for me to express myself in this language, even though every word may not be spelled right. It’s the language my ideas come in, and if I try to translate it, some of its originality dies.

I am hoping that I can find a job that I’ll love as much as writing, even though as I ma writing this I know it will never happen. A job I like then. I will work to put bread on the table and then I’ll find time to write.

I write everyday. Whether it’s changing a few details in a story or maybe I’m in my full-blown super writing mode. I write. I hope that I will never stop.

Of course I would love to publish some of my work here, that is if there’s enough people who would want to read some of it. It is very private to me, but I would love to get critiqued. I don’t say that often..

– Mie.


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