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That Stupid Brain Again.

I have some things, that I always do before going to bed. It’s not much, but it is important for me to have some kind of ritual, otherwise I would probably stay up all night, or have serious problems falling asleep. First I brush my teeth, wash my face with whatever face wash I am using at the moment, say goodnight to my family, browse through some pages on 9gag while talking with my boyfriend on the phone. After the good nights, I watch my computer shut down (a sign that I am really gonna sleep, cause I will not turn it on again) while putting some lotion on my arms ’cause they get really dry (TMI?). Then I make my bed because it always gets messed up when I am talking with my boyfriend, I can’t sit still while I am on the phone, fact. Lights get’s turned off, but then I remember that I forgot to get some water (I always forget). Water get’s fetched and lights are out again. I am always tired by this point, so I just lay down and find whatever position is comfortable (usually on my side fetus style).

And that’s when it happens. Instead of my brain shutting down and letting me get some sleep, it starts working (if it did this doing my exams, I would’ve gotten so much better grades).

Ideas. Awesome ideas. A new story maybe, or a perfect ending. Something. I am awake enough  to understand and think about these things, but too tired to actually write them down. And the next day I, of course, can’t remember much of it. It is seriously annoying and it makes me hate not only my brain, but myself as well.

If these ideas would only come to me, when I am not half dead, I would be writing a lot more.

Anyway, I have added a new thing to my bedtime ritual: Put a notebook and pen next to my bed. Let’s see if I can write some good stuff then.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’ll tell you that I really don’t put any thought into what I write here. I have subject I wanna write about and then… I just write. That is why I sometimes change the subject and things may not may sense. I apologize, but I cannot change it. Sorry :D.

Btw, thanks to you that are actually fucking reading this, and sorry for wasting a few minutes of your life :).

– Mie.


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