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Christmas is Coming.

Tomorrow it’ll be the 24th. In Denmark we celebrate christmas that day. In the evening, not in the morning, because we will rather stay up late then get up early. That is something that I use pretty much the rest of the year as well. I am lazy. there I said it.

However, tomorrow I will have to get up early. There is showering that needs to be  done, various shaving projects and of course I am going to spend about five hours getting my hair and make-up done. Apparently it is alright for me to look like a corpse any other day of the year, but on christmas, I gotta slut myself up. I blame society. I will also spend some time avoiding my mother, who becomes a wild animal searching for any mistake there is, and will always think that something is missing, a gift got stolen or just that I move to slow. It’s a tradition.

Around two PM, we will set sail towards my grandmother’s apartment. Well we’ll walk. My four other siblings will meet us there together with their significant other and children. Then we’ll sit down on sofas and chairs and watch tv until dinner time. After we eat way to much, we try to lose a bit of the weight by dancing comically around the christmas tree. And then its present time. And then we will go home and sleep. That’s my christmas for you.

I hope all of you have a wonderful christmas with friends and family.

And here’s a little present to you from me: ‘æ ø å’ DANISH LETTERS! Aw, aren’t you lucky? :D

– Mie.


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