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Things I want but don’t need

There’s a TV channel in Denmark that sends some awesome and thrilling cop shows. It’s pretty much the only channel that I watch. The downside though, is every hour they try to sell me crap that looks interesting, but is comically expensive and useless. 
The Derma Wand. 
It uses radio frequensees (or something) and can take years off your face! Wrinkles be gone!
I’m twenty, I don’t have wrinkles. Nevertheless, I want the DermaWand, because that 60-year-old chick looks fucking hot and she has been using the DermaWand. I’ll never buy it, that I know. But for ten minutes, it’s the best Christmas present ever. 
Any kind of Steam Cleaner.
Oh wow, look how easy and fast it is to clean that bathroom with just water! 
I hate cleaning; I absolutely loathe it and would rather stand naked in the town square singing ‘it’s my life’ by Bon Jovi. 
Anything that makes cleaning faster is a godsend. And those people just won’t stop smiling while using the super effective steam cleaner, so it must be fun too. 
Sure it might work, but so does some soap and a rag. I would probably be crying the whole time while cleaning, thinking about the money I spent for something I would lose interest in after using it once. 
It would be so cool to get that though, you can use it to get wrinkles out of shirts too!
The Nicer Dicer Plus.
Despite the cheesy name, I actually do think The NDP will help me a lot. I mean can you imagine slicing potatoes 11 different ways? The possibilities!  
I hate cooking. I wish I didn’t, I wish I loved spending hours in front of the stove, but I don’t. 
When I have all of the ingredients ready, I actually do enjoy it. For like 10 minutes. Then I mess up my planning and end up standing with four different pans that won’t finish at the same time. 
I would use this for salads. I love salads, but I hate making them. 
But really, when would I ever make a minestrone soup from scratch? Never. Ever. Therefore, it’s useless for me. 
I want many things that I cannot have/afford, but luckily, I forget about them until the next commercial. I’m broke and lose interest in new things fast. Until then, I’ll settle with moisturizing, soap and knives. Image
Look how happy she looks though. 

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